Baby Steps Into the World of Photography

I have concluded that photography, while a great skill to have, does not come easily to everyone.  I have enjoyed learning about this new skill this week and hope that with lots of practice and more knowledge, I can become a decent photographer.  This assignment is enticing me to purchase a dslr camera to help me gain better skills.

The Rule of Thirds

The above picture is an example of the rule of thirds.  I found it on a website called  The photographer is Jack Morch.  I was not able to find any information about him, but I love this picture.

This picture is an example of the rule of thirds.  The horizon is right at the top horizontal third.  The dandelion drifts away at the top of the left third.  The little girl’s face is centered along the right third of the right vertical side.

The above picture is one that I took with my phone.

The object of focus (my granddaughter, Jordyn) is along the right vertical line that divides the picture into three vertical sections.  The top of her head is right at the point where the top horizontal line and the right vertical line intersects.  I think using the rule of thirds for this photo helps the viewer focus on Jordyn and her Grandpa rather than the background of the photo.

Leading Lines

This picture by Jim Zuckerman is an example of leading lines.  Jim Zuckerman left his medical studies in 1970 in favor of photography. He has written over 20 photography books, teaches photography through webinars and hosts photography tours all over the world. I found this picture at

Leading lines should direct the viewer’s eye directly to the main object of focus.  This picture is a perfect example of that.  Each row of flowers leads us through the photo to the windmill.

The picture of the lilac bush that I took in my backyard is a good example of leading lines.

The top of the fence and the edge of the grass lead directly to this beautiful bush.  The neighboring hedge also gives a very powerful leading line that directs the eyes of the viewer toward the bush.

Depth of Field

I found this example of depth of field at  It was taken by a photographer named Nita and it has a CCO License.

In this example of depth of field, the dandelion stands out in perfect focus while both the middle of the picture and the back of the photo are blurred. The dandelion represents the depth of field in this picture.

This is a photo I took with a borrowed Nikon 5500.  I had never used a dslr camera before so this was a steep learning curve.  These are lilacs in my backyard.  While I have a lot of practising to do to become even an amature photographer, I was happy with this picture.

In this picture, the depth of field is seen in the center lilac which is in focus while the other two lilacs and the background foliage are blurred.  This allows the viewer to focus clearly on the center bloom.

The world of photography is very new to me.  I have never been drawn to or experimented seriously in the field of photography before.  I have taken quick snapshots of family and on family vacations, but never worried about how they turned out.  It was all about the memories.  This has been a fun week and I am looking forward to learning more about photography and the possibilities it could lead to.




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