Adventures In Advertising


This weeks post is about the adventure of creating a new advertisement that would fit into an already established ad campaign.  I chose the Snickers, “You aren’t you when you’re hungry” campaign.  Through the fair use act, we were allowed to use an existing advertisement from an ad campaign without the written permission of the company creating the ad. We could also use the company logo.

We had to use at least two of the programs we have worked with this semester.  Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop were the three programs we have worked with.

Original Advertisement

Here is the URL where I found the ad.

One of the design elements they used was proximity. The two main sentences were grouped closely together and separated by an image.

Another design element they used was alignment.  Each line of each sentence was aligned with the other lines and both sentences aligned with each other.  They used center alignment which I feel was brilliant in this ad.  It grabs your eyes directly to the point they are trying to make to us, which is “go directly and get a snickers”.

The typography is also direct and to the point. They used the same font throughout the entire ad, yet created contrast by the use of size and kearning.

They also created contrast by the use of different colors on the sentences. Personally I would have used the same color.  I feel that the two different colors are very distracting rather than creating contrast.

New Advertisement

My ad needed to fit the campaign, yet be different.  Instead of asking “how angry does hunger make you?” I asked, “How moody does hunger make you?” Immediately, a childhood toy came to my mind.  MOOD RINGS were all the rage when I was young.  So I used Adobe Illustrator to create mood rings.  There are four mood rings, each showing a different level of crankiness.  I found an image of a Snickers bar that said “cranky” on it.  I decided it fit perfectly with my images of moody.  So I wrote an email to the company whose ad I found it in and they gave me permission to use it.  I used Adobe Photoshop to remove the background of all the images I used in the ad. I also used Adobe Photoshop to create the ad.

I also used proximity to group the sentences together and I used images to separate them.

The original ad used center alignment right down the middle of the page.  I chose to align the mood rings on the right side of the page and on the left I centered the text and the images.  Both images are aligned with each other.  All text is aligned with other text, but it is center aligned within the images.  The Snickers logo is centered with the other images, although it is smaller and is centered inside the outsides of the images.

I chose to use the same color scheme as the original ad, however I changed the yellow text to white for consistency.  The other advertisements that I saw from this campaign had consistent white text throughout the ads.

Targeted Audience

The audience I was after, was everyone who isn’t allergic to peanuts, chocolate, milk, and etc.  I think everyone loves a Snickers.  Adults of course have money to purchase them, however their child who sees the ad would definitely become cranky and start begging for one.  I work in a place that sells candy as a side line and daily I hear cranky children pleading, begging, and even demanding Snickers.  While it is aimed at people with money to spend, it also entices anyone who recognizes a Snickers bar.

Photography and Images

Here are the images and the URL’s where I found them.  The majority of them come from which is a site offering CCO images.  This means they are free to use without written permission.


These are the images I used inside of the mood rings to indicate different degrees of moodiness or crankiness.  Here are the URLs





I created the mood rings with Adobe Illustrator.

I also used the following images.

  The url for this image is

The cranky candy bar image was found through Google images.  I had to send and email to the company that had the rights to the image.  The company was Blippar.  They immediately contacted me giving me permission to use it for this assignment.

I The URL for this image is

I was able to use the Snickers logo once again through the fair use act.

Here is the URL where I found it.

Slide Show

I am going to share the PDF document to show the entire slide show.

Snickers Final Ad Campaign


This has been an extremely intense assignment.  I learned many new things about the Adobe programs and had many frustrating, although rewarding moments.  I can’t wait to continue using these new skills.

I would like to give one last thank you to our amazing instructor, Jenny VanSistine.  She spent so many hours helping us to achieve and learn so much in this class.  She has been such a bright spot in my college career and I can only hope that I am privileged and blessed to have many more who give so much.  THANK YOU Sister VanSistine.






An Ad Is Worth a Thousand Words

My First Introduction to Photoshop

As I began this assignment, I was traveling and only had access to the internet in the house we rented for a couple of days and at the homes of family we visited during our travels.  Our first assignment when we begin a new program is to complete a downloaded worksheet that teaches us how to use the program.  This week we were introduced to Photoshop.

On Monday morning, I had a couple of hours of freetime before I had to pack to begin our journey home.  I decided to download the worksheet and get started.  When I opened the worksheet after I had downloaded it, it was only 1/2″ wide.  I knew I must have done something wrong in the download.  I attempted to download it two more times.  Each time I had the same results.  At this point, I reached out to my teacher through email to see if she could help.  I attempted to download it one more time and I discovered that the tab file in Photoshop said saved at 6.36%.  That gave me the idea that I should be able to enlarge it.  I clicked on the tab View in Photoshop.  There on the list was 100%. I clicked on that and it opened to the full screen.  Not to be profane, but I wanted to get up and dance and sing Hallelujah.

By this time, it was time to pack up and leave and for varying reasons, I was not able to look at the assignment again until late Tuesday evening when we arrived home.  The assignment was due on Wednesday evening and I had to work all day Wednesday, so I used the one time extension to give me a couple of extra days to work on it.  This put me behind on creating my rough draft that had to be submitted by Saturday at noon to give Sister VanSistine time to give a critique on it. Also, I wanted to be sure to get it in for some kind of a grade rather than take a 0.

My Really Rough Draft

I knew my rough draft was really bad.  I was assigned to create an ad for measuring cups.  My target audience was well educated 65 year old males.  Just to give you a good laugh, I am going to post my rough draft here.

Let me know when you are finished laughing and I will continue.  My thought process was a retired man deciding he wanted chocolate chip cookies and deciding to make them himself.  Of course, having had the best all of his working years, he would only consider using the best mixing cups.  Which at that time had to be this measuring cup graphic that I was able to find that I didn’t have to have written permission to use and the Logo for Kitchen Aid.  I was really in a crunch for time and I felt incredibly embarassed by this attempt, but my creative juices just were not flowing.

Even as I submitted this my head was spinning with things I needed to do differently.  I took a break from it Saturday evening and Sunday to let my head clear.  On Monday, I began to do some research on places I could find images that I could legally use without getting written permission.  I would be happy to get permission, but time and finding out how to contact people to use their work was just not a viable option for me for this assignment.  So I had to find images that were legal to use.

Final Draft

After a few revisions, I came up with a final draft I was ready to submit.  One of the requirements was to use creative symbolic communication.  That has been very difficult for me to do.  Here is my final draft.

This is my static tv ad.  The document size had to be 1920px X 1080px.  My resolution on it was 150dpi.

This is my Magazine Half Page Ad.  It is 8.5″ X 5.5″.  Resolution is again 150dpi.

I used the following images to create these ads.


I chose this one from a website called pixabay that offers free use of their images.  All of the images fall under the guidelines of CCO or creative commons use.

This was also found on pixabay as mentioned above, it is a CCO site.

I am pretty proud of these measuring cups.  I hunted for several hours for measuring cups that would look nice and go with my color scheme.  After several hours of finding images and trying to manipulate them, I finally created these cups in Adobe Illustrator.  While not perfect, they definitely worked better than any images I found.

Project Conclusion

While I have struggled with symbolic visual communication, I’m honestly not sure that a 65 year old man with a masters or doctorate degree would really be impressed by a symbolically creative ad.  I think they are men who are intelligent and want things laid out in front of them so they can make a decision without having to decipher what is being communicated to them. At least the men I know who fall into this category are like that.  They are very literal.  This has been a fun project inspite of the frustrating moments.  I wish I had more hours/days to really create a masterpiece.  However, time is rushing by and I do have a deadline.  Once again, a big thanks to our instructor, Jenny VanSistine for her help and guidance.